A: No disruption to your supply will occur.
A: Any gas that is in your current tank remains with you, as well as your tank.
A: On average 28 days, but can take up to 42 days.
A: A representative from the proposed LPG supplier will carry out the onsite visit and survey.
A: No, we negotiate with new LPG suppliers on your behalf.
A: Yes, from the 13th April 2009 all domestic bulk LPG users, who are supplied LPG via a bulk tank, can switch their LPG supplier along with the ownership of their tank. If you are an existing LPG customer you will be advised by your existing supplier when you will become eligible to switch.
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A: No, your information remains only with us. We only share your details with the proposed LPG supplier once they have provided us with the most competitive and reliable quote.
A: Yes, we can also help with your commercial requirements.
A: We receive a commission payment from the LPG suppliers if you do decide to switch through us.
Our relationships with LPG suppliers are in place, to help make the switching process as convenient as possible for you. This enables us to provide you with a free service.
Switching suppliers through us is totally free of charge with no obligation.
No, your tank remains with you, providing your tank complies with current UKLPG regulations and passes the onsite site survey. http://www.uklpg.org
Once you have reached or nearing the end of your current Two year contract.
Ownership of your existing tank is transferred over to the new supplier, therefore you will then only pay the new supplier a standing charge.