LPG fuel users less likely to be victims of fuel theft

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In light of a latest report warning homeowners on oil fuel theft in the Whithorn area, LPG Gas companies are reassuring people who fuel their home with LPG that they are less likely to be at risk.

Oil theft from gardens across Dumfries and Galloway has increased in the past three years – with last year alone seeing an increase of 71%. Not only is this a very expensive inconvenience but often householders are left with no fuel when they need it, damage to the storage tank and also possible contamination of the surrounding ground – not forgetting how vulnerable an individual is left feeling.

A customer service manager from a well-known LPG supplier, said: “Those living in rural areas across Dumfries and Galloway who heat their homes with LPG can be assured that, unlike oil, there isn’t a theft issue with LPG and even better it can be stored underground. An alternative is LPG cylinders; however we would recommend people lock these securely away.

“Many homes in rural communities have no access to mains gas. But using LPG, piped directly into your home provides a clean, reliable and versatile heat source for central heating, hot water, cooking and gas fires. Combined with a Think Tank telemetry system you won’t have to give your gas top ups a second thought as we do the thinking for you.”

LPG has been used as the nearest alternative to mains gas for over 65 years – with 150,000 rural homes across the UK enjoying its convenience, flexibility and environmental credentials.

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