LPG is the smart off- grid fuel choice

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LPG is the smart off- grid fuel choice in terms of security, minimising pollution and saving money.

(Reference: Gas engineer magazine issue 63 June 2014)

Did you know there were more than 7,000 fuel related thefts from 2011 to 2013- an increase of more than 74 per cent on previous years? Heating oil theft is especially prevalent in rural areas, Which means that fuel security is a significant concern for those in off-grid locations.


With this in mind, what are the alternatives to oil?

For home owners in off-grid areas, LPG is the closet option to mains gas, providing controllable and instant heating and hot water. LPG can also be used for gas cooking and gas fires.


One of the main advantages in selecting LPG over alternatives such as oil is that of fuel security.
According to Oftec (1) the reasons for the increase in thefts of heating oil theft include rising fuel prices and harsh winters – and local media in off- grid areas regularly report on oil theft.

The financial implications of oil theft are far more than just the cost of replacing the fuel alone.If the tank is damaged and needs to replaced, or there is an oil spillage and environmental clean – up costs incurred, the financial consequences for the home owner can be significant, with reports of some domestic heating oil spills costing upwards of £30,000 (2).

Oil theft is also a huge inconvenience for the property owner, as they could be without fuel until the oil can be replenished- or, even worse, have the tank repaired or replaced.

Smart and secure

co2In contrast, it is almost unheard of- and practically impossible- to steal LPG from a tank, as thieves would need expensive equipment into which to siphon the gas. Thieves are also likely to be deterred from tampering with an LPG storage tank as it poses a significant risk to their own safety, should they pierce or damage the tank.

LPG poses no ground or water pollution hazards either, and burns cleanly with virtually no soot. It is a greener option than oil too, offering off- mains rural customers the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels with 11.7 per cent less CO2 per KWh than heating oil.

Significant savingssaving

Upgrading an old oil boiler and tank to LPG can offer home owners savings not only on their energy bills but also on replacement of oil tanks and boilers. High-efficiency LPG condensing boilers achieve efficiencies of 90 per cent or more.

This means that home owners switching from an old inefficient oil boiler to a new LPG condensing boiler use less fuel as well as emitting less carbon.

If homeowners are due to replace their old boiler, a new LPG model is typically cheaper to buy than an oil-fired alternative- up to £1,500 on the purchase price (3) – plus the added longer – term benefit of lower servicing and maintenance costs.

*To find out more about fuel theft in your area: www.oiltheftwatch.org


Switch to LPG

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