LPG is used in hundreds of applications by millions of users throughout the world.

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LPG is used in hundreds of applications by millions of users throughout the world.
LPG produces the cleanest emissions of all oil-based products, with a low carbon dioxide output.
With industry experts predicting enough LPG to satisfy anticipated demand for all uses into the foreseeable future, not only are you making a smaller carbon footprint, but you’ll be saving money too.
When mains gas is not an option, choose LPG – safe, convenient and more environmentally friendly than oil, coal or electricity.
For homes and businesses, LPG gives you all the benefits of a mains gas supply delivered directly to your door.
LPG is an immediately available low carbon energy in the UK. It is an exceptional energy source due to its properties, characteristics and applications. It is a clean, lower carbon, efficient and innovative energy offering benefits to consumers, businesses and the environment. LPG is an important part of the UK’s energy mix and potentially will play a pivotal role in the transition towards a more secure, sustainable and competitive energy model.
• LPG can be used practically anywhere
• Its combustion emits 33% less carbon-dioxide than coal and 15% less than heating oil.
• LPG is the most widely used alternative automotive fuel in Europe
• LPG works well with new heating technology such as air source heat pumps.
LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas and in the UK is either propane or butane. It is produced as a bi -product of crude oil refining or natural gas extraction.
Propane is used primarily for central heating, hot-water, gas-fires, convector heaters and, of course, for cooking. Gas is essential, if you want a living flame fire and LPG is ideal.
Butane is used mainly in cylinders for portable applications in mobile heaters in the home, and for leisure activities such as boats, caravans and barbecues. Butane cylinders are available from a vast network of retail
It is clean, efficient, secure and immediately available across a wide range of uses in the UK.
At a normal temperature, LPG is a gas. When subjected to modest pressure or cooling, it transforms into a liquid. As a liquid, it is easy to transport and store. Once it has been cooled or pressurised, LPG is usually stored in containers made of either steel or aluminium making its use very versatile.
The fact that it can be easily liquefied makes LPG a highly versatile energy alternative and thanks to a wide variety of packaging and storage options, LPG has numerous fuelling applications.