If you are currently living in a rural area with no access to mains gas then you may well be using electric as a fuel to generate heat and hot water in your home. By switching to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) you could reduce your fuel bills and benefit from a convenient and reliable source of energy supply.

How to Switch from Electric to LPG



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By switching from Electric to LPG you could

 Receive a Free LPG tank *

 Reduce your installation costs

 Reduce your energy bills; LPG is a very competitive priced fuel

 Fix your litre price from 12 -24 months

 Spread out your payments using monthly direct debits

 Have a cleaner burning fuel than any other fossil fuel

 Become more environmentally friendly with a lower CO2 footprint than any other fossil fuel

 Have a clean and reliable heat source for your domestic central heating, hot water, cooking and living flame gas fires and therefore reducing your servicing costs

 Have the LPG tank servicing and maintenance carried out of the LPG supplier saving you time and money

 The choice of having the LPG tank located underground, out of sight and out of mind*

*subject to site survey.

Switching to LPG – your questions answered

A: LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas), is the generic name for propane and butane gas. They are both a mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles.

A: LPG is a clean-burning, low carbon, sustainable and efficient fuel and a vital source of energy for hundreds of millions of people throughout the world today. It is a multi-purpose energy with literally thousands of applications. It is portable, can be transported, stored and used virtually anywhere in the world.

A: Yes, one bulk tank can feed numerous properties and usage can be individually monitored.

A: Yes, LPG can be stored underground, out of sight, so as not to spoil your view of the garden.

A: 90 % of homes in the UK use Gas. LPG installations follow strict guidelines and codes of practice set out by http://www.uklpg.org/

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